Alan Griffin

Alan grew up in the 1960’s and had great reflections on the Palace Theatre and the whole of Union Street, which back then was abuzz with pubs and small shops.

“You used to get men on bicycles going up and down the street selling watercress, fruit and vegetables; shouting out what was for sale and to come and get it!”

Alan recalls that families living around Union St were poor but happy. Most of them worked in the dockyards and did not have much; everyone helped one another out when they could, nobody went without. He remembers folks taking care of people, cooking meals for each other, babysitting or using the car to help with shopping trips if somebody needed it. There was a real sense of community spirit back then and Alan feels that Union Street has lost its way now which is a shame.

His favourite memories are of going out with his Dad. They used to go to the Stonehouse Football pitch to watch the Wednesday and Sunday Leagues. On a Sunday it would be Church, then down to the Football and then it would be off to the Pub for a few drinks.

He misses the strange and wonderful characters that lived in Stonehouse or came to live here back then attracted by the vibrant nightlife of Union Street.