The inspiration for this film came from the memories and lived experiences of the people of Stonehouse. Drawn from an archive of over two hundred photographs and eleven hours of audio recording, it seeks to reveal something of the significance of Stonehouse not only for it's residents, but to the city of Plymouth and beyond. Places become what the art critic Lucy Lippard describes as 'the latitude and longitude of a person's life', something which is clearly present in the passion and commitment of the participants. For my part, I had the privilege of editing the material and discovering for myself through the moving image, the essence of Stonehouse and its layered history. The philosopher Edward Casey argues that places 'are as requisite as the air we breath'; Stonehouse is one such place -Verity Treloar Fim Maker  

100 Homes Coordinator Pete Davey reading is Poem on Stonehouse called The Voices 

Mike Murphy Boys of Stonehouse Original Folk Song that use to be sung in Pubs and Theatre Halls in Stonehouse. This is the full version and after two years getting parts of the song we have Mike to thank for this full version.   

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Ghosts line the walls; A song written about Union Street in the Stonehouse area by the wonderfully talented Rob C.

Ghosts (line the walls) - Rob C
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A film made by students at Plymouth Universities History Department. To show what the 100 Homes projects are doing to collect oral histories in the Stonehouse area. Featuring Pete Davey

Plymouth Community Homes Short Film on the 100 Homes project 2018 

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