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Sally Parker.mp3

Sally Parker

[00:00] Introduction and Sally talks about being born in the Crown Hotel. [00:11] Sally explains about her family tree and their links with the Crown and how she grew up there. [02:10] The focus of the interview moves onto Sally’s mother, Joan Parker (youngest landlady in Plymouth) and her story. [3:30] Sally recalls some funny stories which were shared with her growing up in The Crown which include a flower vase full of gin and soot falling from the chimney.  [04:30] She talks about her father and his feelings about running then pub before moving onto [05:00] the clientele who frequented the pub – particularly the differences between the public bar, the private bar and the snug. [05:46] There is some discussion of the fact it was called The Crown Hotel and the renting of rooms. [06.30] Sally talks about her parents wedding including her father’s decision to wear his gasmask at the altar. [07:18} There is some discussion around Sally’s grandmother and he second marriage.  [07:54] The discussion moves onto Sally’s involvement in war and his role as a driver and his involvement at the Belsen Concentration Camp. [10:15] Focus moves back to Joan Parker and her time at The Crown as well as her parents’ courtship and their wedding night at the Palace Theatre set against the backdrop of the war.  [11:50] Sally concludes with how the roles of family changed and social mobility and how that all began against the backdrop of the pub.

5 Petra Nesbit.mp3

Petra Nesbit Main themes covered in this interview talk about her life moving from Germany and talks about World War 2, Post War ,Union Street,,Crime and students living in Stonehouse.

Alan Griffin.MP3

Alan Griffin Main themes covered in this interview is life in Stonehouse in the 1960s and compared that to how it is nowadays. Talks about the Police, Union Street,Family and Friends History of living in Stonehouse and working for  the Dockyard. 




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